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Bradford Hot Water has an extensive range of hot water systems available for Australian homes.
Systems include continuous flow (gas and electric), solar hot water in flat panel and evacuated
tube, solar thermal technologies and hot water storage tanks.

Energy Efficient Endless Hot Water

Is there any way that you could enjoy a long hot shower any more than you already do? With a Bradford gas continuous flow hot water heater the answer is yes. Because not only do you get constant hot water on demand, you get it at a considerable saving.

The Perfect Temperature

Bradford Hot Water has an extensive range of energy efficient, 6 star gas continuous flow and electric hot water systems. We also offer cost saving solar hot water systems to help you manage your on-going running costs.

20 and 26 litre per minute models

20 and 26 litre per minute models factory pre-set to 50°C requiring no tempering valve

6 Star energy rating

6 Star energy rating – saves money on energy bills and reduces carbon emissions

Electronic temperature controllers

Electronic temperature controllers – accurate setting for the ideal and safest temperature

Natural Gas or LPG/Propane

Available in Natural Gas or LPG/Propane

10 year Warranty

Warranty – 10 year heat exchanger, 3 year parts and labour with national service and support

Turn it on

Heating water consumes up to 30% of Australian households’ electricity use. By installing a Bradford Hot Water system you can significantly reduce your annual hot water heating costs.
Continuous Flow

Providing considerable savings on running costs, Bradford hot water gas continuous flow hot water systems only heat the water when it’s needed.


Evacuated Tube

Bradford's evacuated tube captures sunlight well as a greater surface area exposed to the sun efficiently at transfers solar heat.

Flat Panel
Offering you a cost effective method of generating hot water for years to come, Bradford’s solar hot water systems help the environment and meet every building regulation and Australian Standard.

Solar Hot Water

Solar hot water has never been more efficient or more affordable. Now you can clean up by capturing the suns endless free energy to heat your water and store it ready to use, on tap around the clock.

The Bradford Advantage

 Bradford has been empowering Australian homes to be more energy efficient for over 80 years.  

Concierge Service

Bradford Concierge Service from call to install

Environmental leaf

Quality Installers

Australian company

Australia wide distribution network

Premium products

Premium top tier hot water products 


'Life of the system' warranty

Hot Water on Demand

Choosing to install a Bradford Hot Water system into your home, means you’re choosing a trouble-free hot water experience. Enjoy an on demand supply and install process and our reputation for quality products. 

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