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Solar systems powering energy savings

12 July 2017. Fairfax.

A FAMILY in south-western Sydney has become the first in the state to install a new solar home energy solution – the 5kW Bradford Solar ChargePack including Tesla Powerwall 2.

Michael D'Angelo said he and his wife had moved to solar in 2010 due to the generous rebate of 60c per kilowatt and the opportunity to lower their electricity costs.

“Nuts” electricity market drives new rooftop SOLAR BOOM – with side of battery storage

Even as Australia’s large-scale solar market starts to hit its straps, much of the talk at this year’s ASC Solar and Energy Storage Conference in Melbourne remained focused on the nation’s household market – an unstoppable residential shift to solar and storage that is currently being re-energised by some of the highest electricity prices in the world.

Battery storage to be standard in all newbuilds

20 March 2017.  

Solar and battery storage will be included as a standard feature in all newly built houses in Australia within just a few years’ time, a key solar and building industry player has predicted

Solar batteries can solve Australia's power woes

10th March 2017. AFR Article
Tesla battery technology could solve South Australia’s energy crisis and help restore the power shortfall from the Hazelwood power plant closure in Victoria. 

Lyndon Rive, President of Tesla Energy Products, made the claims yesterday when launching Tesla’s second-generation battery storage solutions, Powerwall 2 for domestic use, and the high capacity Powerpack 2 integrated system for business and industry, both with integrated inverter.

Uptake of home batteries exceeds expectations in Australia

22nd February 2017. Believe the Hype: Australia's uptake of solar home batteries is eye-watering. For quite some time many had dismissed the hype about the attractiveness of installing grid-connected batteries in Australia.

The first national audit of batteries that store solar power shows almost 7,000 were installed in Australian homes last year — and that's predicted to triple this year. 

Blackout leaves thousands without power in SA again

09 February 2017. South Australia's economy is at risk because of the unreliability of energy supply the government has warned.

"Power in South Australia is more akin to what you would expect in a backpacker's hostel in a third-world country."

"We cannot rely on the power supply in South Australia not to go out"...but there is a solar energy solution and it's available right now.

South Australia electricity disrupted again - what's powering your next black out? 

Innovative clean-energy technology allows consumers to have a choice and take steps to decrease their power bills and decrease their reliance on the grid.

Bradford Solar's BackUpPack including Tesla Powerwall can help Australians maintain power during a black out.

Bradford Solar offer solution to Hazelwood power station closure

Households in the eastern states are projected to pay an average $78 more for their power in 2018 -19 due to the closure of Hazelwood brown coal power in Victoria according to an Australian Energy Market Commission (AEMC) report. South Australians and Tasmanians are expected to pay a further $150 to $204.

Tesla's Powerwall 2 can pay for itself in 6 years, then its electricity is free

Australian Financial Review - Nov 28 2016.

When Tesla released the Powerwall 2 a few weeks ago, the game had changed. It had more than twice the capacity - 14KWh - and the price had come down to just over $10,000.

Michael Vorsterman, Western Sydney computer store manager calculated it would take between six and nine years to pay off - and ordered one for delivery in February to store power from his 4KW of solar rooftop panels.

Forget everything you ever learned about having to pay expensive electricity bills

23 November 2016.

In an Australian first, Arden Homes are including the innovative Tesla Powerwall 2 home battery (aka the Bradford Solar ChargePack) in all of their new builds, transforming the industry’s approach to home energy supply. This leap forward for the new build market offers homeowners the ability to enjoy significant electricity savings by harnessing guilt free day and night solar power.

Bradford Solar prepares Australia for Tesla Powerwall 2

29 Oct 2016 - Tesla have unveiled their next generation Powerwall in California.

Tesla’s new Powerwall 2 is the next step in a comprehensive approach to green, all-electric power delivery. This updated home battery is similar to Powerwall 1, in that it’s a large, rectangular (now with more rectangularity) device designed to live on a wall in your home (likely in the garage or somewhere similar) – but the big differences are on the inside.

Tesla doubles the punch of Powerwall batteries

Australian Financial Review - Oct 31 2016.

Tesla's new beefed-up Powerwall battery system can offer Australian homeowners a potential saving of up to $2100 a year in electricity bills. CSR Bradford has partnered a number of builders to provide battery systems in new homes, including Gemmill Homes in Western Australia, Arden Homes in Victoria and Mojo Homes in NSW.

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