Welcome to your solar energy future

Thanks for choosing Bradford Energy

Firstly, we would like to thank you for choosing Bradford Solar to supply and install your new Bradford Solar Energy Pack. It will prove to be one of the best investments you’ll make to your family home, saving you thousands of dollars off your future power bills, whilst increasing your homes resale value. 

Solar Owners Handbook 

Your Solar Owners Handbook was emailed to you on installation day and should be waiting for you in your email inbox. If you haven’t received this you can request your copy by calling our after sales support number (1800 177 131) or emailing support@bradfordsolar.com.au. Your maintenance log is included; we highly recommend that you have your system checked every two years to optimise its performance. 

Bradford ‘life of the system’ warranty 

It’s also good to know that your Bradford Solar Energy Pack comes with extensive product and performance warranties, and because Bradford is part of CSR, one of Australia’s leading and most experienced building products companies for over 160 years. You can be confident that we’ll be available to assist you with any product, warranty or service enquires you may have for many years to come. 

Monitoring your solar energy 

As part of your Solar Energy Pack, you’ll have access to a secure, cloud-based energy management system that lets you monitor your energy through any smart device. This clever capability connects you directly to your home. Find out how to directly monitor and manage your home’s power usage below.

Bradford Energy Support

Finally, should you have any concerns or issues with regards to your system’s performance, please feel free to call us on 1800 177 131, or email support@bradfordsolar.com.au. If needed, we’ll arrange for one of our Clean Energy Council accredited solar specialists to visit your home to inspect your system and if required, carry out any repairs or maintenance. 

How Your Solar Energy Pack Works

For standard Bradford Solar installs:

1. Renewable clean energy from the sun.

2. Bradford Solar Panels collect the energy from the sun and convert it to DC electricity.

3. DC power generated by your Bradford Solar system charges your Powerwall battery.

4. Inverter also converts DC power from Solar Panels to regular AC household electricity.

5. Regular AC household electricity is available to run appliances.

6. Any surplus power generated by your Bradford Solar system is sent back to the grid.

7. Home battery provides renewable stored energy to home when required, often during periods of low or no solar array.

8. The grid supplements any shortage of power.

Monitoring your solar energy

You are already using mobile apps to access your favorite music, movies, and even to find out when the next train is. We’ve made managing your energy just as easy. Find out how to directly manage and regulate your home’s power usage from any device connected to the web.

Call 1800 177 131 for Bradford Solar monitoring support. 

Startup & Shutdown Procedure and Maintenance Guidelines

Shutdown System

  1.  Turn off the main DC battery isolator (if system has Powerwall).
  2.  Turn off the Solar Array AC Main Switch located in the switchboard or next to the inverter.
  3.  In case you have 2 AC Switches, both have to be shutdown.
  4.  Turn off the Solar Array DC Main Switch located next to the inverter.
  5.  Please also check the shutdown procedure on the main switchboard.

To Restart the System

  1.  Turn on the Solar Array DC Main Switch located next to the inverter.
  2.  Turn on Solar Array AC Main Switch located in the switchboard and/or next to the inverter.
  3.  Turn on the main DC battery isolator (if system has Powerwall).

Maintenance of Solar Array

If the angle of the PV module is 10 degrees or more, normal rainfall is sufficient to keep the module glass surface clean under most weather conditions. There are no user serviceable parts in the system. Under no circumstances should the solar inverter be opened or unplugged. We recommend that your system is inspected by a Clean Energy Council Accredited Installer every two years. To confirm the operation of your system, check inverter display while full sun is shining on your panels.

If the inverter displays a ground fault alarm or any fault contact Bradford Solar for assistance.

Maintenance Log  

Inspection required every 2 years. Please print or download and save for your records. 

'Life of the system' Warranty 

At Bradford we have confidence in our solar systems and we want to transfer that same feeling to you. Our national network of project managers, installers, electricians and technicians are available to support you even after your install. 

Please contact us on 1800 177 131 if you require further assistance with your solar system.