Solar Rebates Explained

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Government incentives are available to qualifying residential and commercial premises in Australia that install Solar Panels and other Renewable Energy Systems. These rebates can mean significant reductions in the cost of Solar Systems -and have been designed to encourage Australia's use of renewable energy.



Solar Rebates FAQs

What are STC's?

An STC is a ‘Small-scale Technology Certificate’. STCs are the Federal Governments financial incentive to Australian householders to encourage the installation of solar systems.

A Small-scale Technology Certificates or STC, is an electronic form of currency and tradable like a share. Their value is used to significantly reduce your system's upfront cost. The more renewable energy your solar system is generating, the more STCs you will be rewarded. The final amount of STCs you receive depends on the size of your system and your zone location in Australia.

This is divided into four climate zones based on the strength of the sun. To check the number of STC for your system, we advise you to visit the Govt. of Australia Clean Energy Regulators website.

As an owner of a solar PV system you do have the option of keeping and trading the STCs yourself. In order to trade STCs and be paid a spot rate at the market, you have to register with the Office of the Renewable Energy Regulator (ORER). For details, please visit

We currently handle STCs for you to ensure eligibility and payment. We reduce your solar system price upfront and collect the STC value from ORER later. We employ dedicated staff who look after the administration and paperwork of STCs to ensure we can pass on maximum benefit to you.

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