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We have been making Australian homes more energy eficient for 80 years.

Electricity prices are predicted to rise by over 60% over the next 5 years. If you're serious about installing solar energy in your home, look no further than a Bradford Solar Photovoltaic (PV) system. Not only will our team of experts advise you on a solar PV system that is perfect for your needs, but we will be with you throughout the life of your system.

So start saving on your electricity bills and get peace of mind knowing your system comes with a 25 year warranty backed by CSR Bradford, an Australian company which has been around for 159 years and you know will be around for the life of your system.

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The Solar Difference

A solar panel system for an average 3 bedroom Australian home would offset 22,679 kgs of C02, over 20 years. That's the equivalent of:

8.3Cars off the Road
10.3Acres of Pine Forests
105Barrels of Oil
4Homes for One Year